A New Chalenge To Traditional Marriage Looms Around the Corner via DADT

Two great callers open up the underlying aspect of the effects of this decision. Republicans didn't see it coming at all. (I combined two separate calls from two differing shows/days.)

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The Recent Census Shows States With Business Friendly Outlooks and Taxes Are Reaping the Benefits

The great statitician he is, Michael Medved asks some provocative questions about which state model -- liberal or conservative -- is best for prosperity and equity.

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Governor Abercrombie vs. the Birthers (Michael Medved)

A caller into the Michael Medved show explains his evidence for Obama not being born in Hawaii. His argument? The argument from silence. This is the best that comes from these conspiracy types.

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Global Warming or Global Governance - (Full Length)

I am not the biggest fan of this documentary, but there is some good information to glean from this:


Is Homosexuality Condemned by the Bible?

In this first segment of Gregory Koukl's podcast, he explores some responses to skeptics or challengers to the Biblical and tradition understanding of marriage. Many of these challenges are easily shown to be self-refuting or counter-intuitive to the arguers position.

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Is It An Imposition -- Legally -- To Impose Christian Ethics On Society?

1. It fails to distinguish the reasons for a law from the content of the law

Such “exclude religion” arguments are wrong because marriage is not a religion! When voters define marriage, they are not establishing a religion. In the First Amendment, “Con­gress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” the word “religion” refers to the church that people attend and support. “Religion” means being a Baptist or Catholic or Presbyterian or Jew. It does not mean being married. These arguments try to make the word “religion” in the Constitution mean something different from what it has always meant.

These arguments also make the logical mistake of failing to distinguish the reasons for a law from the content of the law. There were religious reasons behind many of our laws, but these laws do not “establish” a religion. All major religions have teachings against stealing, but laws against stealing do not “establish a religion.” All religions have laws against murder, but laws against murder do not “establish a religion.” The cam­paign to abolish slavery in the United States and England was led by many Christians, based on their religious convictions, but laws abolishing slavery do not “establish a reli­gion.” The campaign to end racial discrimination and segregation was led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist pastor, who preached against racial injustice from the Bible. But laws against discrimination and segregation do not “establish a religion.”

If these “exclude religion” arguments succeed in court, they could soon be applied against evangelicals and Catholics who make “religious” arguments against abortion. Majority votes to protect unborn children could then be invalidated by saying these vot­ers are “establishing a religion.” And, by such reasoning, all the votes of religious citizens for almost any issue could be found invalid by court decree! This would be the direct opposite of the kind of country the Founding Fathers established, and the direct oppo­site of what they meant by “free exercise” of religion in the First Amendment.

(Wayne Grudem, Politics According to the Bible [Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2010], 31.)

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At a Calvary Chapel event Michael Ramsden, and Stuart McAllister answer a question that involves state, anarchy, ethics, and morality.

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The Bush Era Tax Cuts Defended by the Clinton/Obama Team

After talking to President Bush (not in this excerpt), Michael Medved speaks about the vindication for Bush coming from the most unlikely people. The President prior to and after him.

If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the FY 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets. If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself. In a nutshell, what Obama should saying is: “I inherited a deficit that I voted for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th”.

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Hugo Chavez to Rule by Decree

CARACAS, Dec 17 (Reuters) – Venezuela’s parliament gave President Hugo Chavez decree powers for 18 months on Friday, outraging opposition parties that accused him of turning South America’s biggest oil producer into a dictatorship. [Who want's to bet that this will never be undone - Editor]

The move consolidated the firebrand socialist leader’s hold on power after nearly 12 years in office, and raised the prospect of a fresh wave of nationalizations as the former paratrooper seeks to entrench his self-styled “revolution.”

Chavez had asked for the fast-track powers for one year, saying he needed them to deal with a national emergency caused by floods that drove nearly 140,000 people from their homes. [Oh yes there is always a crisis that leads to these things isn't there - Editor]

But the Assembly, which is dominated by loyalists from his Socialist Party, decided to extend them for a year and a half.

That means the president can rule by decree until mid-2012, and can keep opposition parties out of the legislative process until his re-election campaign is well under way for Venezuela’s next presidential vote in December of that year. [Who want to bet that there will either be no election, or this will be the last one, or that the opposition gets "vanished" to the point where the election is pointless - Editor]

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DADT Repealed - Dennis Prager

Honest interjection by an honest man.

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DADT Repealed - Michael Medved

Some interesting insights on this matter.

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Answering a Challenge About American Imperialism at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Dennis Prager takes a call from a gentleman that has a family member who thinks America is imperialistic. Prager offers some possible ways to deal with this topic.

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Marvin Olasky Answers Questions About Jim Wallace, Sojourners, and George Soros

Jim Wallis has been the subject of some recent blogosphere humor. Hugh Hewitt wrote, "Most folks who receive donations from billionaires tend not to forget them, so pray for Jim Wallis's memory." Scholar William Voegeli wondered whether Sojourners "is drowning in money," since Wallis didn't remember that megabucks leftist George Soros gave $325,000 to his organization. With Jim's denial appearing Clintonian, Baylor's Francis Beckwith imagined Wallis saying, I did not have financial relations with that Soros.

This all grew out of my mention halfway through a July 17 WORLD column that Soros gave money to Sojourners. It didn't seem like a big deal. Of course, Soros would find the religious left useful in drawing evangelical votes from conservatives and electing candidates who support abortion, same-sex marriage, socialism, and other unbiblical causes. Nor was it surprising that Jim, trying to keep his organization afloat, would take the cash. Yet Jim last month told an interviewer twice, "We don't receive money from George Soros."

It's almost an axiom of politics that denials of evidence raise more questions than the original accusation—if the evidence still exists in one form or another. Other people besides myself had seen grants to Sojourners listed on pages in online reports from Soros' Open Society Institute. Jay Richards wrote in National Review Online, "I have physical copies of these pages, which is good, because these pages seem to have disappeared from the OSI website (I'm sure that's just a coincidence)."

The pages had disappeared—an OSI spokeswoman eventually said, "We are overhauling our website"—and that was disappointing, because I wanted people to be able to see for themselves proof of the Soros-Sojourners yoking. What to do? I examined on the Foundation Center website IRS Form 990s filed by Sojourners—but nonprofit groups merely have to list revenue from grants, not spell out their origins.

A stalemate? No, wait—OSI online grant pages were gone, but what about OSI's Form 990 for 2004? (Grantmakers typically list their donations, and IRS forms cannot be so readily scrubbed, right?) Let's look—wow, 283 pages, lots of income statements, various reports, no mention of Sojourners. But then . . . Grants to U.S. Public Charities . . . Yes! On page 225: Sojourners, 2401 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009. "To support the Messaging and Mobilization Project: Engaging Christians on the Importance of Civic Involvement." October 2004: $200,000.


Why the Left Typically Refuses Debate (Positions and Policy Based on Feelings)

Dennis Prager brings up why the Left typically will not discuss beyond a bumper sticker encounter their positions on policy, or ethics, or economics, or the like.

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The Third Jihad (Documentary)

The Religion of Conquest h/t:

The Hidden War. There’s a war going on and the major battles take place right here in America. It’s a hidden war against the freedom and values we all take for granted. The enemy is taking advantage of our country’s democratic process, and using it to further its own aims. Most people, busy with their daily struggles don’t even realize there’s a war. And that’s just the way the Radical Islamists would like things to remain.
...(read more)...


Darfur, Sudan ~ The Devil Came on Horseback

I have been following this Black African and Christian genocide in the Sudan since about 1994. Many Christian missions groups have been on the forefront of this alarm since before Hollywood and others have been touting and documenting this horrible travesty. A short documentary was done in 1999 entitled Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust; and Unholy War: Christian Genocide in Sudan. This documentary below, however, goes a step beyond. It is a much watch, but be prepared, you will need a box of tissues. 

(RoC) I watched this documentary about genocide is Sudan and learning that the slave trade has once again risen up in the world of Islam in Sudan. Even though this documentary is hard to watch, especially when you see the amount of evidence for the mass genocide and learn nothing is being done about it by the US government, the part between 1:00 and 1:35 is very touching for me. Even though most of the aid sent from the US is stolen before it gets to people in need, the only thing these people have comes from America and this man says he is so grateful to the American People and the “free world”. Even though they are Muslims… no help comes from any Islamic countries, and that is because they are black African Muslims which the Arab Muslim controlled Sudanese Government have decided to kill in masses.

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Immigration (What We Believe)

Gun Rights (What We Believe)

Natural Law (What We Believe)

Wealth Creation (What We Believe)

The Problem with Elitism (What We Believe)

Small Government and Free Enterprise (What We Believe)


John Ziegler vs Parker-Spitzer

John Ziegler gets Kathleen Parker to show her "conservative" colors by admitting to leading "assassination of Palin 1.0"

By the way, the media DID NOT fall in love with Reagan.

Michael Medved & John Stossel Discuss Some Business Myths

Michael Medved and John Stossel discuss some myths in business and talk about "for profit" business.

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Dennis Prager offers an example of how subtle media bias is for those with untrained ears

Dennis Prager explains how subtle media bias can be, but by way of a question asked of President Obama - Prgaer explains what to look out for and how it [the spoken of bias] inserts itself into every day media shows like 60-Minutes.

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A call into Dennis Prager spawns talk of happy meals,breast implants,and abortion (I just deliver the news)

Dennis Prager compares Happy Meals and breast implants to abortion. I know it sounds like they shouldn't be in the same discussion, but in Prager fashion he does it.

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Dennis Prager Interviews Theologian Wayne Grudem (Exodus 21:22 is discussed in this portion)

A small portion of the larger interview with Wayne Grudem. Dennis Prager asks Wayne Grudem to speak to the example from the Bible (Exodus 21:22) where an accidental death requires the life of those who perpetrated it.

The book, Politics According to the Bible, can be found here:

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Republicans Won Almost 700 Legislature Seats-The Democrats? One

Michael Medved goes over just how HUGE this victory was for the Republicans on Nov 2, 2010.

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"Has the Democratic majority taken us in the right or wrong direction?" ~ Michael Medved

Michael Medved asks a simple question. Has the Democratic majority taken us in the right or wrong direction?

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The Left and Right Are Not Merely Two Roads To The Same Goal but one is a Model of Prosperity the Other of Egalitarianism

I combined two clips from two separate shows from Dennis Prager to show the battle we face in California politics as well as American political choices and the importance of changing course in 2010 and 2012. Deep issues are discussed and I would recommend watching as well Prager Universities "American Trinity" -​watch?v=Nn4IH3yng4k

Of course, I recommend Pragertopia:

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Democrats Love Playing the Fear Card

Dennis Prager talks about Rob Reiner and others calling the Tea Party racist because of a despicable roughing up of a protester at a Rand Paul event.

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Prop 8 From a Few Years Ago Here In California Discussed on the Dennis Prager Show

Dennis Prager defines and defends traditional marriage during the Prop8 debate here in California.

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Dennis Prager Defends Traditional Marriage

Dennis Prager speaks to homosexual marriage and some issues that press at his heart. Prager's compassion and honesty pour forth during this presentation.

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"The Story of Stuff" - Critiqued (4-Parts [+1])

Before you delve into the video, I must recommend a book that will open your eyes on the topic below. The book is posthumous in its publishing and may be dated a bit... but it is a MUST READ!

(used copies start at 1-cent)


part 1a

part 1b

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Alan Dershowitz and Alan Keys Debate Law and Religion

Alan Dershowitz confronts Alan Keys on this debate on Religion's role in contemporary society and in the past that took place back in 2000. Alan Keys is an American political activist, author and former diplomat. He ran for President of the United States in 1996 and 2000, 2008... and for the U.S. Senate in 1988, 1992, and 2004 as a Republican. Dershowitz is the person taking the secular position in this debate. Follow the link for the complete transcript.


Robert Spencer Q & A at Law School

 Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Robert Spencer Interviewd About his Book, "Stealth Jihad"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Frank Turek Debates Christopher Hitchens: "What Best Explains Reality~Theism or Atheism?"

Filmed at The College of New Jersey, Frank Turek and Christopher Hitchens meet again in their second debate to give their arguments for what best explains reality.

Frank Turek Debates Christopher Hitchens: "Does God Exist?"

Frank Turek, co-author of "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist," and Christopher Hitchens, author of "god is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything," met at VCU in Richmond, VA to debate the subject, "Does God Exist?"

George Will Zinger on Stimulus vs. Tax Cuts

On This Week, George Will shuts down Arianna Huffington and others in his usual fashion. The whole segment can be see at NewsBusters post:


Thomas Sowell Talks About the "Dismantling of America" - Dr. Sowell Talks About His Book and the Current Political Landscape

Thomas Sowell has studied and taught economics, intellectual history, and social policy at institutions that include Cornell University, UCLA, and Amherst College. Now a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Sowell has published more than a dozen books, the latest of which is Dismantling America.

In introducing his new book, Sowell asserts that the Obama administration "is the embodiment, the personification, and the culmination of dangerous trends that began decades ago," trends that are "dismantling America." Sowell sees this in the dismantling of marriage, of culture, and of self-government.


Dr. Patton Gives A Presentation on Archaeology and the Bible

Digging Through the Bible: David and Goliath -

Among biblical figures whose existence has been attested by archaeology or other preserved ancient records are the following:

Influential archeologists in Israel are declaring that archeology has proved "the Israelites were never in Egypt, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on the 12 tribes of Israel," and "the empire of David and Solomon never existed." At the same time, other leading archeologists strongly disagree, assuring us that such claims "are either grossly misleading, illogical, disingenuous or all three."

Can the Old Testament be trusted for its historical account and does archeology provide evidence for its accuracy. What does the evidence say? Dr. Patton has personally investigated the claims and presents the evidence in a way that will allow you to draw your own conclusions.

Dr. Patton has a broad educational background; four years at Florida College, Temple Terrace, FL (Bible); two years at Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN (Geology); two years at Indiana Univ./Purdue Univ., Indianapolis, IN (Geology); two years, Pacific School of Graduate Studies. He has worked as Geologist in US, Canada, Australia, England, Mexico, Peru, bolvia, Cambodia, Israel, and Jordan. Dr. Patton has participated in dinosaur excavations in Colorado, Texas, Utah, Wyoming and Canada. He is credited with excavating the longest consecutive dinosaur trail in North America, totaling 157 tracks, extending over 500 feet. He is a member of the Geological Society of America and was a speaker at their 1997 annual convention. Dr. Patton lectures at universities accross the United States. He has conducted up to twelve Creation/Evolution Seminares a year for twenty five years. He has participated in numerous public debates on creation/evolution including radio and TV debates. He has testified three times before Texas State Textbook Committe, Austin, TX. Presently, Dr. Patton is consulting geologist & partner in Mazada Corporation, Dallas, TX. He is a staff geologist of the Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, TX, staff geologist for the Qumran Plateau excavation in Israel, an area supervisor at the City of David excavation in Jerusalem and charman of the Metroplex Institute of Origon Science. He preaches for the Melrose church of Christ in Richardson, Texas. MORE - Quotes by Evolutionary Scientists Against Evolution -



Michael Medved Corrects Obama's Horrible Misstating of History

Michael Medved sets the record straight on on Obama's take on early American history. Obama tries to make it sound as if he is knowledgeable on this topic, but he ends up with an epic fail. Not to mention that there were some Muslim Brotherhood operative were in the crowd when he used this bad history.

For more great insights from Michael Medved you must (and should) join the "Medhead" revolution:


Another Birther About Obama-If Obama Impeached... Then What -- Biden President

Who Are the People Who Want Joe Biden In Office (Birthers) from Papa Giorgio on Vimeo.

A Caller on a Radio Show Sets Previous Caller Straight

Best Call of the Week from Papa Giorgio on Vimeo.

A Question of Origins (Biology, Chemistry, Cosmology)

A Question of Origins from Papa Giorgio on Vimeo.

During the past century, much of the world has accepted the theory of Evolution as fact. Yet the molecules-to-man theory has no direct evidence to support it at all. Origins provides overwhelming evidence in favor of Creation.

The theory of Evolution has been applied to most scientific fields and this video thoroughly exposes the blind speculation and evolutionary bias in three of these areas of science including: Cosmology, Chemistry, and Biology.

This visually rich, full production reveals conclusive evidence that the universe and all life were created by a Supernatural Being, and that the God of the Bible is that Creator.

Features widely-traveled Creationist speaker, Roger Oakland, who makes the issues easy-to-understand for laypeople. Various scientific experts share evidence and proofs.

Buy the DVD:

The Puzzle of Ancient Man - Dr. Donald Chittick

The Puzzle of Ancient Man - Early Technological Knowledge as Proof for Creation from Papa Giorgio on Vimeo.

The Puzzle of Ancient Man - Donald Chittick from Papa Giorgio on Vimeo.

If man evolved up from an animal as evolutionism teaches, then ancient civilizations should be “primitive.” However, science/archaeology indicates that ancient cultures were technologically advanced, perhaps even rivaling or surpassing our own technical achievements.

This video file is a 47 minute seminar by Donald Chittick based on his book of the same title, which was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference July 2004 at Mill Creek Foursquare Church.

DVD available here:

Dr. Donald E. Chittick received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, and a Bachelor of Science from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. His resume includes the following: Chairman of the Division of Natural Sciences at George Fox University in Oregon, adjunct professor of chemistry at the Institute for Creation Research in California, and Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Puget Sound in Washington, as well as being an active lecturer for thirty years. Chittick is also an active inventor and has received several patents for alternative fuels and "programmed instruction," i.e. homeschooling. He has a member of the American Chemical Society, and the Creation Research Society.


Stephen C. Meyer Shows How The Digital Mores Code In DNA Points Powerfully To A Designing Intelligence Behind The Origin Of Life